Current Résumé
Helène Aylon
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A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

"The 70's work was about the visceral and orgasmic body and the inevitability of change; The 80's was about the earth, halting the arms race, uniting women from warring nations; In the 90's my aim was to shine a feminist lens with scholarly inquiry into ancient texts and practices that omit or deny the presence/input of women; In the 00's the G-D work has become more autobiographical regarding my ultra orthodox background.

In 1979, I was part of the first conference on Eco-feminism in Amherst, Mass; I saw the body of the land and the visceral body as connected.

After hearing Dr. Helen Caldicott speak of the Arms Race, I drove an Earth Ambulance to military S.A.C. sites in the 80's to dramatize concern for the health of the Earth and concern for the danger of the Arms Race.

After dealing with the military mindset throughout the 80's, I realized early in the 90's that G-D (whatever G-D may be) had to be liberated from patriarchal projections and that I had to deal with my orthodox identity issues.

In recent years, the work deals with ancient foremothers and seeing myself as a future foremother.

I write about all the above in the memoir.

My next big issue will be "Civilization.

          -- Helène Aylon

    P A S T   E X H I B I T I O N S:
2013 (con)TEXT, The Book That Will Not Close, Sharon Arts Center, September 9 - October 25, 2013

2013 The Seventh Day: Re-thinking The Sabbath, From My Memoir: Lighting Shabbos Candles With My Mother, Hebrew Union College, September 3, 2013 - June 27, 2014

2013 Beyond Belief: 100 Years of The Spiritual in Modern Art, Bulging Spread, Central Break, SFMOMA, June 28 - October 27, 2013

2013 Provocateur: Women's Caucus for Art Exhibition, Self-Portrait: The Unmentionable, Riverside Library in Lincoln Square, February 1 - February 27, 2013

2012 Spectrum of Sexuality, I Look Into The Passages / Abomination, Hebrew Union College, September 5, 2012 - June 28, 2013

2012 Video Screening, Written Behind My Back, Rose Art Museum, October 10, 2012

2012 Do Not Destroy: Trees, Art, and Jewish Thought, Hagar And The Tree That Was Not There, Contemporary Jewish Museum, February 16 - September 9, 2012

2012 Matronita: Jewish Feminist Art, My Clean Days, My Marriage Bed, My Notebooks, Machberet, My Eternal Light: The Illuminated Pink Dash, video of the highlighting of the Five Books of Moses, Ein Harod Museum, January 27 - April 13, 2012

2011 Groundbreaking: The Women of the Sylvia Sleigh Collection, Painting That Changes In Time, Rowan University Art Gallery, August 29 - October 1, 2011

2011 The Word of God, The Liberation of G-d and The Unmentionable (and 1985 video Post - - - - Script, The Andy Warhol Museum, May 8 - June 26, 2011

2010 A Stitch in Jewish Time, The Foremothers' Challah Cover, Hebrew Union College, September 7, 2010 - June 30, 2011

2009 Women in the Bible: Tricksters, Victors and (M)others, I Look Into The Passages, The Jewish Museum of Australia, September 13, 2009 - March 14, 2010

2009 Reinventing Ritual, All Rise, Jewish Museum, September 13, 2009 - February 7, 2010

2009 A Complex Weave: Women and Identity in Contemporary Art, Rutgers University, The Book That Will Not Close and Self Portraits, September 8 - December 18, 2009 (traveling to 2013)

2009 Reinventing Ritual, All Rise, Jewish Museum, September 13, 2009 - February 7, 2010 (traveled to the Contemporary Jewish Museum, 2010)

2009 Seder Plate Invitational, Contemporary Jewish Museum, February, 27 – June 2, 2009

2008 “Aldrich Undercover,” (Benefit Invitational) Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, November 21, 2008

2008  Mirror Covering and Sackcloth Rending, "Homage and Remembrance: The Past is Present," Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Nov 1, 2008-Dec 14, 2008

2008 Wrestlers, Talin Art Hall, Estonia, May 23-Jul 6

2007 Solo show, My Marriage Contract, Self Portraits, Wrestlers
Gershman Y Gallery, Philadelphia

2007 Aller Beste Frauen, Self Portraits, Group Show
Jewish Museum of Vienna, to Nov 18, 2007

2007 Aller Beste Frauen, Self Portraits
Jewish Museum of Frankfurt, Dec 19, 2007-Mar 30, 2008

2006 Wrestlers, Thacher Gallery, University of San Francisco,
"Earthly Concerns: Activist EcoArt"

2006 Bridge of Knots II, American University, Washington, DC, Apr 19-Jul 29

2005 Wrestlers, Brooklyn War Memorial, Brooklyn, NY, Nov 8-Dec 16

2005 The Digital Liberation of G-D, University of Toronto, Canada
Oct 21-Nov 20

2005 Wrestlers, "The Fifth Gospel," Celji-Slovenia, Mar 4-Apr 3

2005 I Look Into The Passages, Mizel Center, Denver, Jan 13-Mar 27

2004 Mirror Covering (for Dobsche), Lodz Biennale, Poland, Sep/Oct

2004 SFJCC The Digital Liberation of G-D, PERMANENT

2004 The Liberation of G-D, Ackland Art Museum, NC
"Five Artists/Five Faiths" Aug 15, 2004-Jan 16, 2005

2004 The Earth Ambulance '82-'92-'02 Hudson Valley Center for
Contemporary Art
, Peekskill, NY - PERMANENT

2004 My Wailing Wall, installation, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

2003 My Marriage Bed and My Clean Days, Jewish Museum of Australia

2002 The Last Supper: Names/No Names, San Francisco Theological Seminary @ San Anselmo (installed again in 2004)

2002 The Partition Is In Place But The Service Can't Begin, Philadelphia Jewish Museum

2001 My Notebooks installation, Women's Studies Research Center,
Brandeis University

2001 My Bridal Chamber, Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery, Washington, DC

2000 The Liberation of G-D, Jewish Museum, exhibited again for a year

2000 The Book That Will Not Close, with video insert, "Yaddo Writers on Yaddo Artists," (text by Cullin Murphy, editor of Vanity Fair), Art In General, New York City; The Hyde Collection Museum, Glens Falls, NY

2000 My Notebooks, "Faith: The Impact of Judeo/Christian Religion on Art at the Millennium" (group with Serrano, Turrell ...), Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, Conn

2000 Video, The Breakings "Body, Performance, Process," The American Century Show, Whitney Museum, New York City (intro Chrissy Isles w/ work of Mendieta & Wilke)

1999 Breaking With Greatest Resistance, "Zero-G: When Gravity Becomes Form" (group show), Whitney Museum, Stamford, Conn

Breaking Twenty Years Later (performance introduced by Flora Biddle)

1999 Drifting Boundaries, "25/25," Southern Exposure, San Francisco, Calif

1998 Mirror Covering (for the Eleven Million), Bellevue Art Museum, Wash

1997 The Women's Section, "Rage/Resolution" (group w/ Ida Applebroog, Nan Goldin, Nancy Spero), Hebrew Union College, New York City

1996-97 The Liberation of G-D, "Too Jewish," Jewish Museum, New York City (group w/ H. Wilke, R. Pondick, Art Speigelman) toured: San Francisco Jewish Museum Sep 1996-Jan 1997; Armand Hammer Museum, UCLA, Jan-Mar 1997; The Contemporary/Baltimore, Apr-Jun 1997; National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, Jul-Dec 1997

1995 two sacs en route, Jumbotron, Times Square, New York City (50th Anniversary of Hiroshima/Nagasaki)

1995 Bridge of Knots, Facade, UC Berkeley Art Museum
(curator, Larry Rinder)

1994 Four Times "Paintings in Transition" (w/ Dove Bradshaw),
Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, Conn

1994 Stone Carrying/Stone sacs (with Arab & Jewish Women)
Installation: Artists Space, New York City

1994 Bridge of Knots, Harn Museum, Gainseville, Fla

1993 Bridge of Knots, Knoxville Museum, Tenn (facade installation)

1993 Bridge of Knots, video (sound by Meredith Monk)

1993 Songs of Retribution, Anderson Gallery, New York City (Nancy Spero, curator)

1992 The Earth Ambulance 1982-1992, Creative Time, Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, New York City (Cee Brown curator)

1991 Scrap Books '80,'81,'82 , "Burning in Hell," Franklin Furnace, New York City (Book Art, Nancy Spero, curator)

1990 "Up Front/Land Art," Municipal Art Society, New York City (Mierle Ukeles, curator)

1989 Stretchers, Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Ohio (2-person show w/ Christo)

1989 Stretchers and The Trial of the Sands of Time (performance) P.S. 1, Long Island City, NY

1987 Post-Script video - "Project Conexus," Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, New York City (traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil)

1987 "Reflections on Survival" (group), LA Women's Building, Los Angeles

1984 "L'Esprit Encyclopedique" (group), Thompson Square Public Library, New York City

1979 Formations (solo), Betty Parsons Gallery, New York City

1979 Formations Breaking (solo) White Columns Gallery
New York City (aka 112 Workshop)

1979 NY Artists: "A Selection from the Last 10 Years" Otis Art Institute, Calif

1978 Nine Artists' Books (group), toured: Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia; UC Irvine; Oberlin College, Ohio; UCSD

1978 Formations (solo), Grapestake Gallery, San Francisco

1976 Paintings That Change in Time (solo) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Mass (curated by Wayne Anderson)

1976 Paintings That Change in Time (solo), Grapestake Gallery,
San Francisco

1976 "Abstraction in Metal," on Canvas & Paper (group), Dart Gallery, Chicago

1975 "Six Painters, Six Attitudes" (group), Oakland Museum, Oakland, Calif

1975 Paintings That Change in Time (solo), Susan Caldwell Gallery,
New York City

1975 Paintings That Change in Time (solo), Betty Parsons Gallery,
New York City

1972 Shadowlands I and II (solo), Max Hutchinson Gallery, New York City

1972 "Soho Scene" (group), Storm King Art Center, Mountainville, NY

1971 "Painting & Sculpture Today" (group), Indianapolis Museum of Art

1971 "Four Painters" (group), Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

1971 "Beaux Arts Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Exhibition," Columbus, Ohio

1970 "Lyrical Abstraction," toured: Aldrich Museum; Phoenix Museum; Philadelphia Civic Center; Whitney Museum

1970 "Plexi and metal paintings," (solo) Max Hutchinson Gallery,
New York City

1970 "Two Generations of Color Painting," University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

S E L E C T E D  A W A R D S   &   G R A N T S

2014 Pollock / Krasner Award
2010 Brandeis Institute of Research on Jewish Women
2007 Pollock / Krasner Award
2005 Brandeis University, Institute for
   Research on Jewish Women
2003 Pollock / Krasner Award
2002 National Foundation for Jewish Culture, award for Visual Art
2001 NY State Council on the Arts
2000 Yaddo-MacArthur Annual Award for a residency sponsorship
1999 Yaddo-Philip Morris Award for "an artist who extends the
   boundaries of art"
1995-2002 Sponsored Artist of New York Foundation for the Arts
1995-96 Pollock Krasner Foundation Award
1995 Sponsored installation by New York State Council on the Arts,
   and Art Matters, two sacs en route, Jumbotron, Times Square
1993 NY Foundation for the Arts, New Genre award
1990 Gottlieb Foundation for painting and sculpture
1989 Harvestworks - Video (Inquiry: The Trial of the Sands of Time)
1988 Art and Urban Resources, Clocktower studio for year
1981 New York Foundation for the Arts, Sand sacs New Genre award
1981 National Endowment for the Arts, Individual Artist Grant
1979 CAPS - Painting
1973 National Endowment for the Arts, Individual Artist Grant

S E L E C T E D   P R E S S  (see also Reviews)

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1978 San Francisco Airport, San Francisco: (Purchase Award, San Francisco Art Commission) Painting That Changes, 8'x 4'

1968 New York University Medical Center, Lobby, New York City: 2 walls

1966 Chapel Library, JFK Airport

P U B L I C   C O L L E C T I O N S

Baker and Betts, Houston, Tex: Painting, 1976

Brandeis University Jewish Women's Research Center, Mass: The Book That Will Not Close 1999

Flasch Artists Book Collection of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Scrap Book 80; Scrap Book 81;Scrap book 82

Harris Bank, Chicago: Painting, 1975, Painting That Changes

Jewish Museum, New York City: Apple Plate, 2004

Jewish Museum, New York City: permanent acquisition, The Liberation of G-D

Jewish Museum of Australia: The Book That will Not Close

M.I.T. Cambridge: Descending Ochre, A Painting That Changes, 1974

MoMA: NY Political Art Documentation Rescued Earth cloth poster, 1982

Museum of Modern Art, New York City: 3 Scrap Books and poster/artifact

New Museum of Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel: silver painting, 1971

New York Jewish Museum, Apple Plate, acquired in 2005 from auction of REACH Beyond Domestic Violence, Boston

Oakland Museum, CA: Painting That Changes, 1974

Richmond Art Museum: 2 Paintings, 1972 and Twin Breakings, 1979
(via Sidney Lewis)

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: acquisition of a 1979 Breaking

SFJCC: The Digital Liberation of G-D, 2004

Skidmore, Owens and Merrill, Chicago: Painting That Changes, 1975

Victoria and Albert Museum, London: An Antiwar Ceremonial 1982, acquired in 2012

Westinghouse Corporation: silver painting, 1972

Whitney Museum, New York City: Painting, Homage to Redon, 1971

P R I V A T E   C O L L E C T I O N S

Svetlana Alpers (UC Berkeley, Art History Department), CA: 1974 comparison piece Dottie Attie (artist), NY: 1973 work

Joan and Ruebin Baron (collectors), NJ: Line Drawing

Luba Belu, Australia, I Look Into The Passages: Abomination

Rachel and Mark Berghash (collectors), NY: Stone Carrying and Wet Painting

Benjamin and Ellen Berman (collectors), NY: Sand Script (painting), 1972

Bronfman family, NY/Montreal, Ruth Shuman Branching, Margot Lande, silver painting

Susan Chevlowe (curator, Jewish Museum): Earth Ambulance drawing

Marcia Cohen-Speigel (collector): The Book That Will Not Close, 1999 and My Clean Days 2001 silkscreen

Barbara Dobkin (collector & founder of Ma'yan): The Five Books of Moses, Highlighted

Enid Haupt (collector), Philadelphia: Silver Long painting, 1970

Estate of Betty Parsons, New York: Painting That Changes In Time, 1973

Jonathan Ferziger (Jerusalem Bloomberg News): Painting That... 1975

Flora Biddle, NY and Connecticut: 2 Paintings that Change, 1973

Gloria Frym (writer), CA: Wall Drawing 2008

Sara Gelbard (collector), NY/Uraguay: The Foremothers’ Challah Cover 2010

Sally Gottesman (collector), NY: The Five Books of Moses Highlighted 1990

Sally Gottesman (collector), NY: Oval Formation (painting) 1977

Greenline Publishing (collector), NY: I Look Into the Passages: Not Take

Mui Ho (UC Berkeley, Department of Architecture), CA: Painting..., 1973

Michael & Pat Irving (collector), Rowayton, CT: Suspension, 1974

Gloria Jacobs, Feminist Press, NY: a Turning, 2010

Norman Kleeblat, (curator); I Look Into The Passages (4 of series), 2003

Max/Joyce Kozloff, (critic /artist), NY: Painting That Changes.., 1975

Gail Levin (writer), NY; I Look Into the Passages: Graven

Jane deLynn (writer): The Book That Will Not Close; painting, 1977; drawings, 1997-99

Leveritt Miller (collector), Palm Springs: painting, 1970

Ursula Myers, (collector) San Francisco: Painting That Changes In Time, 1975

Jim Newman (collector), San Francisco: Painting That Changes In Time, 1974

Jerry Ordover, Esq., NY: gold painting, 1972

Howardina Pindell (artist), New York: 1974 work

Richard Price (author) & Judy Hudson (artist): Painting That, 1974

Lea Rabin (wife/Prime Minister Rabin), Israel: Deuteronomy Highlighted

Carter Ratcliff, (art writer), New York: 1972 work

Steve Reich (composer and Beryl Korot, video maker): painting, 1973

Dr. Shulamith Reinharz, Mass, Eve Honey, 2005

Charles Shere (composer and music critic): painting on paper, 1996

Ann Sheridan (collector), New York: silver painting, 1972

Linda Shires (professor), NJ: I Look Into the Passages (4 of series), 2003

Dr. David Silberstein, CA: Tar Drawing 1975

Louis Solomon, Esq., New York: Pouring, 1977 & Homage to Agnes Martin

Nancy Spero (artist), New York: 1973 work

Drew Stevens, Feminist Press, NY: a Turning, 2010

May Stevens (artist), New Mexico; 1973 work

Marc and Livia Straus (collectors), Chappaqua, NY: Four Times (24'), 1974, Breaking 1979, andEarth Ambulance '82-'92-'02

Michelle Stuart (artist), NY; 1974 work

Nina Castelli Sundell Leviticus Highlighted & drawing of sac, 1998

Ann Sutherland-Harris (Art Historian), Pittsburgh: silver painting 1971

Roselyn Swig, San Francisco (collector); I Look Into the Passages 2003

Maurice Templesman (collector & companion of the late Ms. Onasis), NY: Pouring, 1977; silver 1970

Lisa Tillinghast (designer/Dwan Gallery) New York: Many Rivers, silver, 1971; Watercolor (a drawing), 1986

Rabbi Burton Visotzky (founder - Genesis series Channel 13/ Bill Moyers): Genesis Highlighted

Drs. Youngerman and Scharfman (SUNY Purchase), NY: Breaking


1989 Instructor of Interdisciplinary, Women's Center for Learning, NY
1977 Instructor in Painting, Lone Mountain College, San Francisco, CA
Instructor in Painting, California College of Arts and Crafts
1973-1976 Lecturer, Department of Art, San Francisco State University
1971-1972 Instructor in Painting, Hunter College, NY
1970-1971 Instructor in Painting, Brooklyn Museum Art School

V I S I T I N G   A R T I S T

2006 Temple University, Philadelphia, J.W. Studies-Judaism & Gender
2005 Queens College, Canada From Ruach to The Digital Liberation of    G-D
2005 Washington University, St. Louis The Three Feminist Landscapes
   of the Last Three Decades: Bio-logical, Eco-logical, Theo-logical

2004 Keynote Speaker at conference of Women's
   Studies/Performance Art Northampton University, England;
   The Three Feminist Landscapes of the Last Three Decades:
   Bio-logical, Eco-logical, Theo-logical

2004 Ackland Art Museum NC - panel w. theologians from Chapel Hill,
2004 SUNY, Purchase: Art Dept. and Women's Studies, "The Earth
   AmbulanceMy Bridal Chamber
2003 Minneapolis College of Art and Design
2002 Temple University, Mar 4 (class of Laura Levitt)
2002 Marywood University, Penn, Apr 10 (Class of Linda Partridge)
2001 Performance at opening of My Notebooks, Brandeis University
   Women's Studies Research Center, Oct 16
2001 Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, co-sponsored
   by Women's Studies Scholars Program, Feb
2000 Fordham University, New York (class of Livia Straus)
2000 Temple University (Honors class of Ruth Ost)
2000 Rutgers University, NJ (class of Alicia Ostriker), May 2
2000 Barnard College, New York (class of Irena Klepficz), Apr 6
1998 Sara Lawrence College, "Word and Image," Jewish Women
   Scholars, Oct 18
1998 Mills College (class of Elinor Gadon)
1998 Temple University, Women's Studies, Dec 8
1997 Armand Hammer Museum, UCLA - artist talk with artist
   Ken Apteker
1996 Jewish Museum, San Francisco - talk to SF Collectors Club,
   Dec 6
1996 Barnard College, New York
1996 University of Memphis
1996 Jewish Theological Seminary, Jewish Women's Studies
   (class of Vivian Mann)
1995 University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA , Aug 6 (Larry Rinder,
1995 Pacific Film Archives/ Berkeley; 6-min video with Meredith Monk
1994 Providence College, Women's Studies
1993 William and Mary College, VA (class of Alan Wallach)
1992 & 91 Sweet Briar College, VA
1989 State University of Iowa, Ames
1989 University of Iowa, Iowa City (class of Hans Breder)
1989 Moore College of Art, Philadelphia (class of Janet Kaplan)
1989 Art Institute of San Francisco (class of Moira Roth/Susan
1989 California College of Arts and Crafts (class of Suzanne Lacy)
1988 Drew University, NJ - "Different Readings," Women's Studies
1987 Asia Society, NY
1986 International Center of Photography, New York City
1985 Banff Center, Alberta, Canada - Art for Social Change
1985 Nagasaki Institute for Language and Cultures, Japan
1985 Hiroshima Women's College, Hiroshima, Japan
1985 Tsuda College, Tokyo, Japan
1985 Seika College, Kyoto, Japan
1984 SUNY New Paltz, NY - Women and World Peace Conference
1984 Brooklyn College, NY - Women's Studies Conference
1983 City College, NY (class of April Kingsley)
1981 Wizo College, Haifa, Israel
1981 DeYoung Museum (5 artist series)
1980 University of California at San Diego (class of Moira Roth)
1980 CCAC, Oakland (class of Suzanne Lacy)
1980 School of Visual Arts, New York City (class of May Stevens)
1980 Hayward State University, CA (class of Ray Saunders)
1979 SUNY Stonybrook (class of Lawrence Alloway)
1979 Columbia University, NY
1977 Brown University, RI
1977 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence
1976 University Art Museum, Berkeley; "Artist as Teacher" series
1976 University of California at Berkeley, Department of
   Art Education
1975 Virginia Commonwealth University
1975 Brown University, RI (class of Marvin Brown)
1975 M.I.T. (in conjunction with solo exhibition)
1974 Art Institute of San Francisco (class of Joyce Kozloff)


Closing day of Reinventing Ritual, Walkthrough and Dialogue with Rabbi David Ingber, Jewish Museum, February 7, 2010

Exhibit Re-Imagines Jewish Ritual - NPR Radio: Morning Edition, Dec 11, 2009

NYU Center for Religion & Media: Session on Art and New Media, Feb 3, 2006

Web site: Jewish Women's Archives - Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution

Norman Kleeblat read a paper on the Art and Text: Aylon, Neshat at the conference on The Future of Jewish Culture, Toronto 2005

National Foundation For Jewish Culture - 2002 Award for Visual Art, (Introduction by Jeanne-Claude & Christo)

Book: Art of Engagement: Visual Politics from California and Beyond,
Peter Selz

Interview/book: Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties, Linda Montano pp 337-343

WBAI Radio talk with Andres Serrano, re: "Faith" exhibit at Aldrich Museum

Tikkun Magazine, Phyllis Chesler, p 79, Vol 13, May/Jun 1998

Book, The Journey Home: "Jewish Women and the American Century,"

Joyce Antler Catalogue, "Too Jewish? Challenging Traditional
Identities," Norman Kleeblat

Cover for "New Music Composers" CD - Beth Anderson

Book, The Power of Feminist Art, by Mary Garrard and Norma Braude

Book, The Pink Glass Swan, Feminist Essays on Art, by Lucy Lippard

Book, Mapping the Terrain: New Genre Public Art, by Suzanne Lacy

Panel, Nagasaki Day, Performance: Viewers Lie Down in Ambulance and Talk About Their Dreams and Nightmares, Creative Time, Art in the Anchorage, Aug 9, 1992

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Pam MacAllister

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by Elinor Gadin, 1989

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One of 50 women artists documented for the National Archives

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E D U C A T I O N   &   D E G R E E S

Brooklyn College, Art, BA Cum Laude, BA Cum Laude 1960, Studied
with Ad Reinhardt
New School for Social Research, New York, 1960-65
Art Students' League, New York
San Francisco State University, MFA Equivalency, 1974
Antioch College West, MA Equiv, Women's Studies/Performance Art, 1980, performance as thesis Sand Carrying

F O R   R E C O M M E N D A T I O N S

Joyce Antler, professor of American History and Women's Studies, Brandeis University; Robert Berlind, writer for Art in America; Flora Biddle, Whitney Museum; Christo, artist; Jessica Dawson, formerly of the Washington Post; Fiona Donovan, Board of Trustees, Whitney Museum; Dvora Liss, curator, Ein Harod Museum; Gideon Efrat, Art Historian, Jerusalem; Sean Elwood, Creative Capital Foundation; Alison Gass, Broad Art Museum; Eleanor Heartney, critic for Art in America; Susan Isaacs, professor, Towson University; Chrissie Iles, curator, Whitney Museum; Norman Kleeblat, curator, Jewish Museum NY; Joyce Kozloff, artist; Philip Lopate, cultural critic; Rick Moody, writer; Cullen Murphy, ed. at Vanity Fair; Shulamit Reinharz, Director, H.B.I. - Brandeis Institute for Research on Jewish Women; Martin Rosenberg, Chair, Art Dept., Rutgers University; Phyllis Rosenzweig, former curator of Hirshhorn Museum, DC; Peter Samis, curator of interpretation, SF MoMA; Gary Schiro, Director, Hudson Opera House; Ori Soltes, Georgetown University; Nina Castelli Sundell, Yaddo; Ann Sutherland Harris, art historian; Eric Shiner, director, The Warhol; Sally Gottesman, Moving Traditions Foundation.

     C L I C K   H E R E    T O    R E A D   R E V I E W S