Magazine article
Betty Parsons:
 An Interview by Helène Aylon

Edited and with an Introduction
 by Judith E. Stein
To be published in the
 September 2013 issue of
Note: Helène Aylon showed Paintings that Change with Betty Parsons in 1975 and 1979. Coincidentally, one of these paintings is in the current SFMoMA and CJM/SF joint exhibit, "Beyond Belief: 100 Years of The Spiritual in Modern Art" - to October 27, 2013.

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International Feminist Art Journal

by Judy Batalion
To be published in Volume 33,
 Religion, January 2014

Included in The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization -
Volume Ten: 1973 - 2005. Spiritual and Religious Culture, page 1056
Edited by Deborah Dash Moore and Nurith Gertz
Published 2012 by The Posen Foundation and Yale University Press

Projected Film
Videographer Kelly Spivey was awarded a NYSCA grant for a documentary on
the work of Helène Aylon
Mercer Media, New York
In Progress
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Panel Discussion
Imagery After Abstraction:
 Filling the Void

Barnard Kraft Center
 for Jewish Student Life
New York, NY
Feb 12, 2013 - 6pm

Journal Article
Margaret Olin, Yale Review, featured in Volume 5, 2011
IMAGES: A Journal of Jewish Art and Visual Culture

Photograph of The Liberation of G-d included in
"Religion and Culture: Contemporary Practices and Perspectives"
by Richard Hecht and Vincent Biondo III. Page 281.


21st Anniversary issue of Bridges: A
Jewish Feminist Journal, June 2011
Two Memoirs after Seven Decades
Helene Aylon and Rachel Berghash have a conversation about their upcoming memoirs, including their comparative girlhoods in Borough Park and Jerusalem.
Article available on JStor

Fringes: Jewish Art as an Israeli Periphery Book
Discussion of My Clean Days and My Marriage Bed
David Sperber (in Hebrew), Editor; p. 96;
Bar-Ilan University Press

Panel Discussion
All Rise: The Law and Women's Voices
San Francisco
September 12, 2010
With writer Ayelet Waldman and Gail Reimer, JWA
Aylon`s talk and program on Youtube

Religion in Everyday Life and Culture, Vol 3
Richard D. Hecht and Vincent F. Biondo,
Editors; pp 778-779; Praeger Publishers

Tenuoua: la Revue du mouvement juif liberal
de France

(Journal of the Liberal Jewish Movement
in France)
Rabbin Delphina Horvilleur,
Editor Issue #141
Autumn 2010