Betty Parsons with Helène Aylon, 1979. White Columns 
(AKA 112 Workshop) Photo: Gwen Metz

"The breaking of a liquid sac is indicative of the visceral, orgasmic, birthing body, as opposed to the Playboy body of the dominant culture."           -- Helène Aylon

The video The Breakings, which was produced out of old footage from 1979, with my current voiceover, was shown in the "American Century" show at the Whitney Museum, introduced by Chrissie Isles, video curator of the Whitney.

The Breakings should be shown each with its original documentation to see how each has changed over nearly three decades. Location: Studio, New York City, and Warehouse, San Francisco.

C L I C K    H E R E  to view a video from The Breakings.

Paintings That Change
Breakings Process - California