If one looks closely at these vast landscapes, my tiny presence might be noticed. 

The early days of eco-feminism brought women artists such as Mary Beth Edleson and Ana Mendieta and myself out onto the land, looking toward the land for truths about the ancient history of womanhood, and identifying the very body of woman to the body of the land. 

The 80's series is a bridge from the 79 Breakings to a less metaphoric relationship to the earth that further led to the Sand Carrying ceremonial of 1981 and the activist Earth Ambulance, 1982. 

In 2005, I added another layer of meaning to the Wrestlers by focusing on one particular wrestling fore- mother -- Lot's Wife -- and I gave her a name.

  I Advanced To The Edge Of Her Dwelling  1980 / 2005

I Balanced Above The Deep Pit  1980 / 2005

I Crawled Near Her Red Stained Pyramid  1980 / 2005

I Followed Her Curving Horizon  1980 / 2005

I Groveled In Salt Lands of Yore  1980 / 2005

I Slid Down The Grooves of the Goddess  1980 / 2005

I Traced All Her Steps Without Falling  1980 / 2005

 I Wandered Near Echoing Caves  1980 / 2005