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The Last Supper - No Names

The Last Supper - Names 


The Last Supper - Names / No Names

The Last Supper - Names / No Names

The Last Supper - Names No Names With Helène Aylon


Mirror Covering

Mirror Covering (for Dobsche) '04 was shown at the first International Art Biennale in Lodz, Poland in September and October of 2004.

A thirty-foot wall was installed with mirrored panes in the shape of the old dilapidated windows of the abandoned factory building of the Biennale. The modular mirrored panes with the old windows reflected into them, were covered with diaphanous gauzy fabric. Hidden fans moved the cloth.

In front of the Mirror Covering piece, a beam of light illuminated a tall column with the handwritten story (in Polish and in English) of my great Aunt Dobsche.

Helène Aylon: Mirror Covering With Cloth Blowing

Mirror Covering (With Column) 30 Ft.

ACTUAL WORDS (in English) ON COLUMN: "I must tell the story - for it happened in this very land - it happened not far from this place. It was 1942 when Manya was 16 when the soldiers advanced to rape her. That was when Dobsche her mother stood in front of her daughter to shield her. A soldier shot Dobsche in her stomach he shot her. In that moment when Dobsche fell dead, her daughter just fled to the forest. And a gentile man from Swiecany - he found the girl, he hid her. And he told her each day when to come out of the bunker to stretch until the end of the war when the girl was still breathing and trying to find words for such goodness. And I am here now having crossed the ocean in 2004. It is 62 years later and I am here where Dobsche fell dead and what did I bring but some mirrors in the Jewish tradition of covering mirrors in mourning for all I can do now is cover the mirrors for that mother, my Great Aunt Dobsche."


...All I can do now is cover the mirrors in the Jewish tradition of mourning." 

Helene Aylon, 2004


Back of Column (Detail)

Front of Column - Polish

Self Portraits 2005

Front of Column - English

Self Portraits, 2005 (1 of 20)
Travels to Towson University, Baltimore, MD 2/11 - 4/17/2010 

The last of the Self Portraits - The Unmentionable - is showing at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh 5/8/2011 - 6/26/2011