Ritual Objects


Apple Plate for Eve. Acquisition:
Jewish Museum 
Exhibited: Contemporary Ritual 11/07-3/08

Apple Plate for Eve Honey
collection of Yehuda and Shula Reinharz

Spice Box
They Braided Candles and saved Aromatic Spices
CJM/SF - 05

Ktuva With Asterisks
collection of
Dr. Nathaniel Fisch

The Foremothers' Challah Cover
June 30, 2011

Mayim Acharonim
(for Hagar)
to quell the desert thirst of Hagar & Ishmael,
the start of the mideast tragedy
The Two Tiered Seder Plate:
For the Oppressed, the Enslaved, the Women, the Animals
Edition of 3; Two were acquired at  CJM Seder Plate show, 09

His and Hers:
two decanters - the song of Miriam, the words of Moses.
Hebrew Union College

Menora: Light Not Might. In progress