Earth Ambulances

Three of seven ambulances

"In 1982, I set out cross-country in a truck made to look like an ambulance to "rescue" the earth near missile sites. Hundreds met me at these S.A.C. (Strategic Air Command) sites bringing their own pillow case 'sacs' on which they wrote their dreams/nightmares of nuclear war and filled the cases with the earth. The Earth Ambulance carried the pillowcases to the mass rally for disarmament at the United Nations on June 12, 1982, during the UN Second Special Session on Disarmament. 

In 1992, all of the pillowcases from across the country were hung on 85 foot clothes lines across the huge space of the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage through Creative Time; the Earth Ambulance, filled with seeds from Native American lands, was open for viewers to sit inside and see a video of its itinerary to the 12 S.A.C. sites on its way to the UN. 

The '82 Ambulance carried "rescued" earth; the 1992 Ambulance carried Pueblo seeds; the 2002 Ambulance carried blank pillow cases, a Tabula Rasa, as it recalls the Cold War of 1982 and the celebration of the end of the Cold War in 1992 and the unknown future."

                                                                                  -- Helène Aylon 

B'klyn Bridge Anchorage, 1992

 HVCCA - Peekskill, NY,  2002

Cross country, 1982