"Once I looked for the Footprints of Foremothers.
Now I Walk through the Grass at the Crossroads.
When I reach the Edge of the Valley
They will know that a Foremother walked here."


 -- Helène Aylon

After Wrestlers, I continue to explore identity within a new series of mystical landscapes, Turnings.


In Wrestlers, 1980-2005, I searched, as it were, for the echoes of lost foremothers and gave one foremother ("Lot's Wife") a name.

In Turnings, 2008-2010, I face myself becoming a “foremother,” as I face the distances of mortality.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

When I imagine Eden, I imagine a female space where foremothers are named and regarded with that same awe for the sacred land they resembled.

In 1980, I had strained to hear echoes of foremothers within the silence; I knew these foremothers had wrestled to be heard.

In 2005, I gave a name to the foremother who was called “Lot’s Wife:” I named her Hashem Shela - The Name of Hers.

In 2008, I continue in the Garden while I look ahead while I look behind until there is a turn - my turn when I shall be a Foremother.

I Follow the Slopes of the Field

I Return to Meet Myself

I Meander Beneath the White Sky

I Regard the Near and the Far

I See No End in Sight